911 Resilience

The Canadian Center for Police & Emergency Services Resilience was created to promote psychological health and resilience in police officers, soldiers, veterans, and emergency responders including Fire – Rescue, EHS, medical professionals, social workers, and Corrections.


While each Emergency Service profession is unique, and has its own unique strengths and challenges they all share the challenge of working with trauma, threat, and exposure to unfixable suffering.

The Center will promote resilience in Police, Military, and Emergency Responders, and their families through:

Science & Research              Training & Education              Psychological Services

Emergency response work can be an incredibly meaningful, rewarding and exciting. Research consistently shows Emergency Response work can also put your physical and psychological health at risk.  Compared to most occupations emergency responder are at greater risk for:

PTSD                   Divorce                   Addiction                   Sleep Problems

Depression         Anxiety                   Suicide                       Spiritual Crisis

To learn more about how emergency response work puts your physical and psychological health at risk click here.

The good news is that there are proactive and practical strategies first responders can employ to mitigate the potentially negative effects of the job.  Research is showing key factors that contribute to resilience in people.  More research is needed on police and emergency responders, especially Canadian first responders, but there are things we know help people cope with police and emergency response work.  To learn more
click here.

Police and emergency response organizations are also being called to be more pro-active and creative in dealing with issues of trauma and PTSD in their ranks, even in the midst of tight financial restraints for most organizations.  Police and Emergency Response Organizations should all have in place a unique Psychologically Healthy Workplace Strategy, consistent with Canada’s new national Psychologically Healthy Workplace Standard.   The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Strategy should include an integrated Trauma & Resilience Strategy to address the known risks to responders psychological health and well-being.

The Canadian Center for Police & Emergency Services  Resilience was formed to help police and emergency service organizations and their employees employees stay healthy and strong.  We serve as a resource throughout Canada and welcome forming collaborative partnerships to further the agenda of building resilience in the Canadian police and emergency responders.